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About Us

Steel & Fabrication

Here is the introduction of our Machine Shops./Fabrication and Welding Facilities:


- Our Machine Sh0p.. is one of the best in the Kingdom and is equipped with different machineries sufficient to carry out almost all kinds of Machining works. The Machines can handle different qualities of High Grade Steel including Stainless Steel. A Lathe in the Sh0p can handle comparatively bigger turning works, which is up to a diameter of 1.5 meters and length up to 8 meters, We can manufacture machine parts including Gears and Shafts. We can also handle the works with Plastic. Teflon and Rubber.


Our Fabrication Sh0p is equipped with all kinds of Engineering Facilities and we are able to fabricate all types of Steel Structures, Buildings, Bridges. Process Industries and Factories. New Erection and Modification, including all type of Steel and Stainless Steel Tanks Construction for Chemical and Processing Industries.


We are able to undertake all types of Welding works including Stainless Steel. Aluminum. Copper. Nickel, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, Low Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel. & Cast iron by using TIGMIG Process. Also we are doing Metal Spray on all types of Shafts at Bearing Portions.


Our Mobile Team is always available for any type of Installation of Steel Structure and Pipe line Works including Installation of Food Grade and Chemical Pipe lines.

About Transformer

Testing, servicing & Repairing for Distribution transformers, Unit & Package substations, RMUs, Voltage Regulators (cooper power systems)

Transformer section of our company was formed in 2007 to meet the growing needs of power sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company now offers complete repairing, testing, and servicing of the highest quality standards for distribution industry. Complete routine tests are performed/ or any other tests according to customer demand.

Load Test, No-Load Test, Megger (Insulation Resistance, PI), Turn-Ratio, Winding Resistance, High Voltage, Induce Test (double voltage-double frequency), Oil Dielectric Strength Test, Pressure Test, Paint. Complete Servicing including Paint, Radiator Repair, Tap-Changer repair, Winding Repair or any other fault.

Our Oil filtration plant is highly capable of Vacuum filling of Oil, improving the Dielectric Strength of Oil, removing moisture. and other contaminating particles.

Our services include:
  1. Distribution Transformers (upto 1500 kVA)
  2. Package & Unit Substations
  3. Voltage Regulators (Cooper Power Systems)
  4. Ring Main Unit (RMU)

Our team of Engineers, and Technicians is well experienced and highly qualified in power sector. We use quality instruments for precision testing and diagnosis.